Last time we compared the beeswax/vegan wax wrap and cling film. If you have not read it yet, please have a look! The results may surprise you!

We have been using silicone food bags for about a year now. Initially, we bought them to try to see how good they were. Since then, we haven’t used the single-use plastic freezer bags from IKEA we used to use, and it’s in our kitchen drawer. I’m still looking for the best way to utilise them.

Silicone food bag

Here are the three models we'll use for comparison:

You can read our review here.


£6 to £10 per bag


Reusable, dishwasher, oven, freezer, microwave safe. Leakproof. Tough.


The first investment price is higher. Weight is heavier.

Plastic freezer bag


15p to 20p per bag  (5p in IKEA)


Light. Flexible, so easier to remove air.


Single-use only. Not exactly leak-proof, not microwave safe, can't use for sous-vide.


My favourite ways of using these silicone food bags are;

  • Freeze food without air
  • Sous-vide cooking
  • Use as a cooler
  • Store food when going out
You can read our salad chicken recipe post to see how I use the bag for cooking in a water bath.

We currently have two different sizes of silicone food bags: sandwich bag size and snack bag size. Most of the time, I use the sandwich size bag to store food or cook food and the snack size bag as an ice pack to put in a cooling bag.

Result: Plastic freezer bags are cheaper for the first year

Let's say we use at least three bags per week to bring some snacks to work or school or cooking like marinating or sous-vide some food.

Since a year is 54 weeks, it will be 162 bags per year. Even when calculating with the £3 bags from IKEA, it will be £9 for a whole year since it’s a pack of 60.

Suppose I compare it with the three-pack silicone food bags from Moonmoon that costs £15.99. Since we can reuse it, the initial investment price will still be £16 (ok, £15.99).

But the silicone food bag is cheaper in the second year onwards

Going into Year 2, we still need to buy more ziplock bags, so that’ll be another £9 (assuming the price doesn’t increase). Whereas the silicone ones are still fine, you can keep using them. Totals at the end of Year 2:

  • Plastic freezer bags: £18
  • Silicone bags: £16

As we mentioned in our previous silicone food storage post, they are leakproof, so I think the reusable one is worth swapping from the disposable one. And, of course, the price difference is only getting more significant over time.

You can get these bags on Amazon here:

Closing words

What do you think about this comparison? Let us know if you know other eco-friendly products that you recommend swapping!

In the next blog post, we will compare bringing your Thermos with coffee vs buying it from coffee shops. I will introduce the lovely bottle that I have been using for a long time.

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